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Originally posted by vakhadze at ADDRESS TO THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY

The real policy of current autocratic authorities contradicts all democratic principles and represents a new kind of neo-bolshevism.
Each day of the reign of Saakashvili represents the threat not only to the state and national interests, but to the regional stability as well.
Every Citizen of Georgia daily faces ever-increasing problems: Unemployment; Poverty; Hunger; Increasing prices and taxes; we do not have the opportunity to give our children proper education and decent living conditions; Hundreds of thousands of our fellow countrymen were forced to leave country in order financially support their families from abroad; Our pensioners and veterans are doomed for hunger; The number of IDPs is increased; the attitude towards them from the government is cynical and inhuman.
At the same time Sakashvili and his direct circle are getting rich; the elite corruption is blooming, which is mentioned in US State Departments report on Human Rights.
There is no democracy in the country, the constitutional rights of citizens are violated, 20% of the territories are lost and there is a danger to be again involved in the provocation threatening not only Georgia, but regional stability as well.
The criminal regime of Saakashvili exercises selective justice, political, physical, financial and moral terror, the blackmail of business; there are political and illegal prisoners; the lie and false became state policy mentioned in numerous assessments and statements by international organisations. In the verdict of The European Court of Human Rights on Girgvliani case is stated: "The Court is struck by how the different branches of State power... acted in concert in preventing justice from being done in this gruesome homicide case,"
The world should not close eyes on creation of virtual façade democracy in Georgia. Authoritarian regime of Saakashvili denied own people the right to express own will by free and fair elections.
In spite of many promises during last two years not a single step was made towards democratizations; in contrarily the situation in country is worsened.
That is why there is only one option left for the people to make use of the constitutional right given by 5th paragraph of the constitution of Georgia to implement own power by different means of direct democracy.
on November 25 the Representative Public Assembly of Georgia represented by 13 926 delegates and backed by signed approval of 850 000 people became supreme body of will of the people of Georgia It made decision that it will not tolerate criminal regime and issued Verdict of Distrust to Saakasshvili and his government.
In spite of the pressure and intimidation from the authorities, the ignorance from the state controlled media almost 15 000 delegates and 10 000 supporters of the gathered in front of the Parliament of Georgia.
We gathered on May 21 and we are starting peaceful fight for restoration of our constitutional rights.
We are fighting for Democracy!
We are fighting for our right to live in just country!
The main weapon of our fight is truth!
We are fighting for free and democratic elections which will be possible only after change of the current autocratic regime.
We are not lying to ourselves or to the people. The main motto of "Public Assembly" is that "Power Belongs to People". As recent events in Tunisia and Egypt proved once more world community supports not the regimes and violence but civil society and people who are fighting for real democracy in the country.
We are convinced that in order to achieve free and democratic Country, people of Georgia will get support of world.
Any regime represents threat not only for own country but for the region and entire world.
You all know that there can be no real not shine stability without true democracy.
We are fighting exactly for true and real democracy and we believe that justice will win in Georgia!


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